I provide a safe space to express your feelings in utmost confidence.  Whether you are suffering bereavement, anxiety, work related stress or any other difficulty, I can help you using a variety of techniques or simply deep listening.

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I am a trained counsellor in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling.  I specialise in anxiety, bereavement, geographical displacement, abuse both present and past, relationship issues, work related stress and trauma and children.  

I have experience of running my own creative business and understand the challenges of being self employed.

I use visualisations, artwork, simple written work as well as stones and time lines to explore the roots of emotional discomfort and from there to assist in finding healing through a variety of mediums.  I work with both children and adults and can help you be it just empathetic listening or in a more proactive way.  My work is client led and respects the person first and and foremost.  All sessions will be treated with the utmost confidence.



I qualified in 2019 in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling.

I am a qualified emotional therapeutic counsellor trained in communication and listening skills, resistance and reluctance, blocks to self-disclosure, anger, guilt and shame, fear, pain, addictive behaviour, the therapeutic relationship, confrontation, validation of emotional experience, healing the inner child, bereavement, hurt and loss, dreams, visualisations and imagery. 


I specialise in issues of cultural identity, emotional and physical abuse, relationship issues, defining your boundaries and establishing them, work and home related stress, PTSD, depression, low self esteem anxiety, childhood trauma and life challenges.

I have an artistic outlook and have run my own craft business for many years before training as a therapist. I can therefore relate to people on many levels. I assist clients through the use of colour, stones, timelines, visualisations and imagery. I am half Dutch with a strong connection to West Africa. This adds a breadth of life experiences to my role as a therapist.  I am a mother and can identify with the our roles as parents and the challenges that go with the responsibility.

I have treated those in abusive relationships, suffering from depression, experiencing extreme anxiety, bullied children and people pleasers.

My approach to treating anxiety is typically through the inner child therapy to identify the root cause. Some of the therapeutic methods I use are visualisations, stones, jigsaws and timelines.

Often the root cause stems from a childhood experience and by working with subconscious memory through the use of a variety of techniques, I have seen the real benefits of therapy as individuals learn for the first time sometimes in later life how to leave the negative influences of the past behind and be free to know and to be themselves.

I see the key component of the therapeutic alliance/relationship to be one that feels safe, non-judgemental and open with the essential components of trust and respect. 


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare



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